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5 favourite vintage webshops

I have a soft spot for all things vintage, retro, and nostalgic, and here are my top five go-to web shops for pretty vintage clothing and footwear: 

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Asos Marketplace is definitely at the top of my list. With both private sellers and boutiques, the selection
is huge, and there's something for every taste. I don't think I've ever managed to visit this place without buying at least one item.

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I fell in love with Episode when I lived in Amsterdam and a stop by their physical store in Runstraat became a weekly habit. They also have physical stores in Copenhagen, Paris, Brussels, London, and Utrecht, but if you're not planning to visit any of these places any time soon, you can shop online right here. By the way, how pretty are those Dr. Martens?!

Urban Outfitters:

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I absolutely love Urban Outfitters, particularly their selection of re-worked vintage pieces. Unfortunately, Copenhagen and the closest UO-store are about four hours away, so I'm a frequent visitor at the web shop

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I'm mainly a high street/vintage kind of person, and I rarely buy really expensive clothes (wouldn't mind owning that Jean Paul Gaultier sweater though). But I've always been fascinated by high fashion and every now and then I like to take a peek at Farfetch.com and their collection of high fashion vintage items, if not to buy then for a dose of nostalgia and some dreaming.

Links: 1, 2, 3
I am so in love with that swimsuit! Adored Vintage is such a pretty web shop with equally pretty vintage clothes and accessories. The style is more elegant and feminine and I am particularly fond of their selection of cute and glamorous dresses. 

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