søndag den 28. juli 2013

Packing for Sardinia

I'm a happy one today. Yesterday I finally finished my master thesis after months of very little contact with the real world, and better yet: tomorrow I'm off to Sardinia for 11 days with my boyfriend. I can't wait. You can stop by Instagram for little updates from the southern sun (@solastdecadeblog). I'm bringing my laptop, so the blog will be updated with a few Sardinian postcards too.

Since my days of thesis writing have been filled with not so fun to-do-lists to keep track of everything, I thought I'd make a vacation version, and guess what, it was a lot more fun than making the thesis versions. Here it goes: 

1. Drink red wine every day.
2. Never set the alarm but sleep until I wake up.
3. Drink at least one cappuccino per day.
4. Read a book.
5. Search the island for After Eight ice cream. And eat a lot of it.
6. Try new foods (Sardinia is famous for its cuisine)
7. Still, also remember to have a least 3 margherita pizzas.
8. Take ridiculously long showers.
9. Go snorkeling.
10. Enjoy life.

Dansk: Jeg er en glad én i dag; I går blev jeg endelig færdig med mit kandidatspeciale, og i morgen tidlig drager jeg afsted mod 11 dage på Sardinien med kæresten. Jeg kan ikke vente. Hvis I har lyst til små updates fra sydens sol, kan I kigge forbi Instagram (@solastdecadeblog). Jeg pakker den bærbare, så bloggen vil også blive opdateret med Sardinske indtryk. 

torsdag den 25. juli 2013

Light (faux) chocolate ice cream

As you may have already seen on Instagram (@solastdecadeblog) I snacked on this bowl of deliciousness last night. And the night before that. And the night before that. It's an extremely yummy wannabe chocolate ice cream, which is (almost) as good as the real deal if you ask me. And here's the best part:  it's  sugar free and much healthier, so feel free to double your portion. It has certainly become a favorite summery treat of mine, perfect for those warm nights when you're yearning for something to cool you off while satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Faux chocolate ice cream (serves 1): 

2 bananas, thinly-sliced
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
Approximately 2 tablespoons milk
Sweetener to taste

It's very simple: All you have to do is freeze the bananas, put them in a blender with the other ingredients and mix until you have a well-combined and creamy texture. You can lessen the amount of cocoa powder if you want to taste the banana, or add a little extra if you want a darker, more chocolaty ice cream. I added a little licorice powder to my portion yesterday, which turned out to be icing on an already delicious cake. Yumminess.

Dansk: Denne wannabe chokoladeis er en af mine absolutte sommerfavoritter på snack-fronten. Det smager næsten så godt som den ægte vare og bedst af alt: det er sukkerfrit og meget sundere. Alt, du skal gøre, er, at skære et par bananer i tynde skiver og lægge dem i fryseren et par timer. Når bananerne er frosne, blendes de med en smule mælk, lidt flydende sødemiddel og cirka tre spsk. kakaopulver, til det har en lækker, cremet konsistens. Kakao mængden kan naturligvis justeres, afhængigt af hvor meget, man ønsker, bananen skal kunne smages. 

onsdag den 24. juli 2013

Golden (birthday) girl

Cardigan: Vintage (from Beyond Retro)
Top: Asos
Skirt: River Island
Bag: Vintage
Sunglasses: Vintage
Shoes: Virgine Castaway

Yesterday was my birthday, and although most of the day was spent working on my thesis, I took a few hours off in the evening, put on a little sparkle, and went out with my love. We sat outside and consumed Italian specialties as a warm-up for our vacation. It was pretty nice. I couldn't wait to show off my new studded shoes from Virgine Castaway, which was one of the lovely presents I got. Aren't they fabulous? I'm kinda crazy about them. 

Have a beautiful day!

Dansk: Jeg havde fødselsdag i går, og selvom jeg måtte tilbringe det meste af dagen med specialet, tog jeg et par timer fri i aftes, iklædte mig lidt glimmer, og drog ud med kæresten. Jeg kunne ikke vente med at flashe mine sko fra Virgine Castaway, som var en af de skønne gaver, jeg fik. Jeg er ret så tosset med dem. 

søndag den 21. juli 2013

Etsy favorites - 15 for the home

Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Etsy is one my absolute favorite online shopping destinations, particularly if I'm on the lookout for pretty things to put in my home. It seems you can find just about everything on that site, both new and vintage, even those things you didn't know you needed (but you did, very badly). I would love to put each and everyone of these 15 items in my home, despite the fact that it's pretty stuffed already - I'd find room. I'm crazy about the mint green typewriter and the kitchen towels. The personalized spoons and pencils are pretty cute too. Happy Sunday!

Dansk: 15 pæne ting fra en af mine yndlings webshops, Etsy, som synes at have alt, hvad hjertet kan begære - også de ting, hjertet ikke vidste, det begærer. Glædelig søndag!

torsdag den 18. juli 2013

3 finds from Beyond Retro

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the web shop Beyond Retro, and oh my goodness... what a paradise for vintage magpies like me. I could literally spend hours looking through all their gorgeous pieces - and a fortune, too. I ended up spending a little less than that, buying 'just' three things. Yesterday they arrived, and I am so madly in love will all three of them that I felt an urge to share them with you. I mean, would you look at the pop of color on those shorts and that dress?! I can't wait to flaunt them in Sardinia in just a few weeks - something tells me they'll look good with a pair of tanned legs. 

Dansk: For et par uger siden opdagede jeg webshoppen Beyond Retro og blev fuldstændig forelsket i alle dens fine og pæne sager. Selvom jeg havde lyst til at spendere en formue, købte jeg 'kun' tre ting, og jeg er så tosset med dem, at jeg følte en trang til at dele dem med Jer. Kjolen og shortsene skal vises frem på Sardinien meget snart - noget siger mig, de ville gå godt til et par solbrune ben.

lørdag den 13. juli 2013

Birthday wishes (in blue)

My birthday is approaching (27, yikes), and what better occasion to browse for some pretty products to sweeten your life and do a bit of dreaming? It wasn't until I put these items together I realized the color thread - I apparently have a thing for pastels, particularly blue, at the moment.

I've been dreaming of owning a Kenzo sweater for some time (who hasn't?), and this pastel number would be perfect for late summer evenings and early days of fall. I'm addicted to Clinique's All about Eyes eye creme. It's the best one I've tried and it's on my birthday wishlist every year. The Royal Copenhagen blue-fluted service has to be the prettiest ever. Classic and feminine and cute. I'm so in love with it. So far I only have two cups, and since I plan to have plates in several sizes, dishes, and bowls too, I make sure to put it on my wishlist for both my birthday and Christmas every year (wow, I'm collecting service - does that mean I'm an adult now?). I have heard so many good things about NARS cosmetics, not least their lip pencils, and I think this particular color is adorable. And speaking of adorable, I absolutely LOVE Meyer-Lavigne's Flower me happy pots, and this one would fit perfectly into my living room. The bed quilt is from Urban Outfitters and I'm crazy about it's bright colors. Finally, the nail polish from Essie, Avenue Maintain, is so cute, fresh and summery (and would match the Kenzo sweater pretty well - I see it happening), as are some of the others from this collection, by the way. I love this pink one, too. 
Dansk: Min fødselsdag er lige om hjørnet, hvilket jo altid er en perfekt lejlighed til at gennemsøge internettet for nogle fine sager og drømme lidt. Det har jeg gjort, og mine højeste ønsker (altså, hvis man ikke tæller fred i verden og den slags med) er vist på billedet. Jeg har åbenbart en eller anden ting med pasteller for tiden - særligt den blå farve synes at være gennemgående. 

torsdag den 11. juli 2013

Throwback Thursday: 60s style icons

Brigitte Bardot

Jane Birkin

Pattie Boyd

Julie Christie

Nancy Sinatra

Catherine Deneuve

Brigitte, Birkin, Pattie, Julie, Nancy, and Catherine; some of my favorite style icons of the 60s' - a decade I'd very much like to try and live in if I ever get my hands on a time machine. Here's hoping. Have a happy  and sunny Thursday!

Dansk: Mine favorit stilikoner fra 60'erne - et årti, jeg rigtig godt kunne tænke mig at prøve at leve i, hvis jeg nu skulle få fingre i en tidsmaskine en dag. Hav en dejlig solskinstorsdag.

lørdag den 6. juli 2013

The monster smoothie

I haven't been posting many outfits or 'fashiony' things lately, but there is a good reason. The thing is, I don't get out much these days, and the only outfit I seem to be wearing is sweat pants and a t-shirt. Very not charming, I know, but when all you do each day is get up and sit in front of the computer there just isn't much reason for dressing up. It's sad. My poor boyfriend must be sick of looking at the same mess every day. I'll make it up to him when we get to Sardinia. 

Even though I'm crazy busy, one thing I don't neglect is the cooking and snack making. A girl has got to eat, right? So, I hope you're not tired of food posts, cause here is one more, and it's pretty much all I got right now. I'll make it up to you too when I get to Sardinia. The 'monster smoothie', as I like to call it, cause it's green and looks all slimy, is packed with vitamins and healthy goodies, and it tastes really good too. As usual I measured the ingredients by eye, so the following is not necessarily 100 per cent precise. 

Green monster smoothie (serves 1):

2 bouquets of broccoli 
1 handful frozen spinach 
1/2 banana
2 kiwis
Zest from 1 orange 
Zest from 1/2 lemon
1,5 dl. pineapple 
1 handful blueberries, fresh or frozen

Blend all of the ingredients together until you have a smooth consistency. Spinach has quite a strong taste, but you can always adjust the amount of orange zest to make the taste sweeter and less 'spinachy'. I like to also add a teaspoon linseed oil to my smoothies, and if you want to go all in on the whole 'green smoothie' idea you can add a bag of green tea as well. Enjoy, and have a very lovely weekend.

Dansk: Jeg håber ikke, I er træt af mad indlæg? For eftersom mit daglige specialeoutfit består af pyjamasbukser og en t-shirt, er det simpelthen alt, jeg har at tilbyde lige nu. Jeg har vanvittigt travlt, men jeg lover at gøre det godt igen, når specialet er ude af verden om 3 uger (både for Jer men også min kæreste, som må være temmelig træt af at kigge på den samme rodebunke hver dag). Nu til monster smoothien, som jeg kalder den. Den er lavet af frossen spinat, broccoli, banan, kiwi, ananas, appelsin, citron og blåbær. Mængderne ovenfor er vejledende og kan justeres afhængigt af, hvor sød en smag man ønsker. Jeg tilføjede desuden en smule hørfrøolie, som jeg gør med alle mine smoothies. Hav en vidunderlig weekend. 

onsdag den 3. juli 2013

Breakfast in a pan

Pot holders: H&M Home

Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal. I find it very important to have a good start to every day, which for me involves having time to sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee. While I love skyr with fruit in the morning, I also enjoy the occasional hot breakfast when I have the time, and a simple mixed vegetables in a pan with a few eggs on top is one of my favorites. For this version I used carrots, leeks, tomatoes, onions, spinach, 3 eggs and a little chili sauce for taste. You should try it tomorrow - it's simple yet super delicious and packed with proteins to keep you full until lunch.

On another note, the winners of the shoe giveaway are Cindi, who will receive the creamy wedges, and Julie, who is the new owner of the spiky sandals. Check your e-mails, ladies. 

Dansk: Morgenmad er mit absolut yndlingsmåltid, og selvom jeg elsker skyr med frugt, holder jeg også af at lave varm morgenmad, når tiden er til det. En af mine favoritter er grøntsager i en pande med et par æg på toppen. I versionen på billederne brugte jeg gulerødder, porrer, tomater, løg og spinat samt en smule chili sauce for at give det smag. Tag og prøv det i morgen - det er simpelt men super lækkert, og så mætter det helt til frokost. Og til sidst en lille note: Giveaway vinderne blev Cindi, som modtager de cremefarvede wedges, og Julie, som får de sorte sandeler, Tjek jeres mail, de damer.