søndag den 21. juli 2013

Etsy favorites - 15 for the home

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Etsy is one my absolute favorite online shopping destinations, particularly if I'm on the lookout for pretty things to put in my home. It seems you can find just about everything on that site, both new and vintage, even those things you didn't know you needed (but you did, very badly). I would love to put each and everyone of these 15 items in my home, despite the fact that it's pretty stuffed already - I'd find room. I'm crazy about the mint green typewriter and the kitchen towels. The personalized spoons and pencils are pretty cute too. Happy Sunday!

Dansk: 15 pæne ting fra en af mine yndlings webshops, Etsy, som synes at have alt, hvad hjertet kan begære - også de ting, hjertet ikke vidste, det begærer. Glædelig søndag!

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