søndag den 25. august 2013

On the cover of the Rolling Stone

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Links: 1, 2

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Links: 1, 2

Links: 1, 2 

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Links: 1, 2

'The thrill we've never known is the thrill that'll get'cha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone'. Dr. Hook's right; most of us will never know that thrill. We can, however, know the thrill of hanging cool vintage covers of the Rolling Stone on our walls. Even better. Thanks to Cathrine I've become aware that you can buy prints of some of these 550 legendary covers online, and at fairly low prices at that (here, for instance). I am currently hunting for something to hang on our bedroom wall, and I think I have to go with a couple of the covers above, possible accessorized with golden frames. As you may know I have a thing for all things 90's, so the Spice Girls version and the one with the stars of Beverly Hills 90210 are naturally some of my favorites. Sadly I have a feeling my boyfriend won't allow me to hang my teen idols on our bedroom wall. Perhaps he could agree to the Lady Gaga and the Mad Men versions. Which ones are your favorites? 

Dansk: Takket Cathrine er jeg blevet opmærksom på, at man kan købe tryk af Rolling Stone magasinets legendariske covers online (fx her). Jeg er lige nu på jagt efter noget, som skal pryde vores soveværelsesvæg, og jeg tror, jeg har fundet det helt rette i de her covers. Mine favoritter er bl.a. dem med Spice Girls (naturligvis), Brenda, Brandon og Dylan, og Mad Men stjernerne. Hvilke er jeres favoritter?

tirsdag den 20. august 2013

Rustic tomato salsa

This is hot. In more ways than one. Normally I'm not big on spicy food, but this rustic and tasty tomato salsa might just have changed that. I made it today for lunch, inspired by the morning TV show I always consume along with my morning coffee, and it was spicy love at first bite. And not only does it taste like hotness heaven; it takes merely five minutes to prepare. You know how much I appreciate quick cooking. I had some leftover fresh spinach and capsicum, which I added to my salsa, but I imagine it would taste good with other kinds of veggies as well. The apple juice and the jalapenos are the star ingredients. And the tomatoes of course. Don't forget the tomatoes.

Rustic tomato salsa (serves 1):

3 tomatoes, sliced
A handful pickled jalapenos, chopped
A handful fresh spinach, chopped
1/2 green capsicum, chopped
1. dl. good apple juice
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

Begin by adding the tomatoes to a warm pan with a little olive oil. After a couple of minutes, add the apple juice and the rest of the ingredients, and let the salsa simmer for a few more minutes until you have the desired consistency. Taste with salt and pepper, and voilá: it's ready. Piece of cake, right? I recommend serving your salsa on a slice of toasted rye bread and with a glass of cold apple juice on the side. Do yourselves a favor and make this for lunch. Or dinner. You won't regret it.

Dansk: Jeg er normalt ikke så glad for stærk mad, men det kan ovenviste tomatsalsa, som jeg lavede til frokost i dag, meget vel have ændret på. Den er fuld af smag og tager ikke mere en fem minutter at lave; win. Til én portion skal du bruge tre tomater, en håndfuld hakkede jalapenos, en håndfuld hakket frisk spinat,  en halv peberfrugt i små stykker, en dl. god æblemost samt salt og peber. Tomaterne steges først i olivenolie i et par minutter, og herefter tilsættes de øvrige ingredienser. Salsaen simrer et par minutter, indtil den opnår den helt rette konsistens, smages til med salt og peber, og voilá færdig. Nemt, ikke? Jeg spiste min på en skive ristet rugbrød og med et glas iskold æblemost til.

lørdag den 17. august 2013

Where two oceans meet

Jacket: Zara
Dress and belt: Vintage
Bag: Michael Kors
Shoes: Michael Kors

Today has been one of those lovely ones. In the morning my boyfriend and I left for Skagen, a cute and idyllic little town located on the tip of Denmark. We did a little shopping, drank iced coffee, looked at antiques, had a lovely lunch in the sun, and took a long walk on the beach in the beautiful weather to the spot where the North Sea and the Cattegat meet. I feel like a just had a fresh shot of summer and the holiday was prolonged by an entire day of lovelyness.

Dansk: I dag har været en af de rare. Jeg har været i Skagen med kæresten, og vi har shoppet, drukket iskaffe, kigget på antikviteter, spist dejlig frokost i solen og gået en lang strandtur ud til Grenen. Det føles som om, jeg lige har fået et ekstra skud sommer og ferien er blevet forlænget med en lang og dejlig dag.

onsdag den 14. august 2013

Fast and easy: brocolli and cauliflower soup

Making a yummy and creamy soup doesn't have to be complicated, nor does it have to involve tons of cream or butter. I threw this one together a few weeks ago, after realizing I had a fridge full of broccoli and cauliflower which I had no idea what to use for. For two portions I used approximately 1/2 of a broccoli bouquet (not including the stalk) and 1/3 of a cauliflower bouquet, which I boiled in 3 dl. chicken stock. When soft and tender I poured the vegetables into a blender along with the remains of the stock, added a couple of tablespoons of low-fat crème-fraiche, blended until well-combined, and tasted with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Voilà: A delicious and healthy soup which makes for a great starter and tastes excellent with a slice of toasted rye bread on the side.
Dansk: For et par uger siden, efter at have opdaget at mit køleskab var fuldt af broccoli og blomkål, som jeg ikke anede, hvad jeg skulle bruge til, biksede jeg ovenviste simple og sunde suppe sammen. Jeg brugte cirka en halv buket broccoli og en tredjedel buket blomkål, som jeg kogte i cirka 3 dl. hønsebouillon. Da grøntsagerne var møre, hældte jeg blandingen i en blender, tilsatte et par spiseskefulde skyr og blendede til en cremet konsistens. Herligheden blev smagt til med salt, peber og muskat og serveret med en skive ristet rugbrød. Lækkert, simpelt og sundt.

lørdag den 10. august 2013

Sardinia through Instagram

1. The beautiful Bosa promenade. 2. Dining in Bosas colorful streets. A few minutes after this picture was taken we tasted lamb intestines without knowing what it was, and the romantic mood was interrupted for a short while.

3. Sunset seen from the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Bosa. 4. Cute maritime door, also in Bosa.

5. Consuming yet another yummy pizza, here with a view of the bay in Castelsardo. 6. Mint ice cream: 
the best!

7. Evening view of Castelsardo from our balcony. 8. Beach life.

9. Yummy seafood plate for 2. 10. Beaching yet again.

11. More delicious seafood. 12. The coolest menu card in Sassari

13. A cool and colorful street in Sassari. 14. Happy girl, ready for a little shopping spree in Sassari

I'm back from a lovely vacation in Sardinia with my boy; 11 days of sun, seafood, shopping, pizza, wine, ice cream, books, sunsets and special moments. Life at its best. It was over way to soon, as is always the case when you've been looking forward to something for so long. My favorite spot of the trip was Bosa where we stayed at this cute B&B with the friendliest people and warmest atmosphere. Sassari, the second largest city in Sardinia, also landed a top spot on my list of favorites. Overall, my first meet with Sardinia was a 'love at first sight' kind of thing, and I can't wait to go back and explore more of its wild and rough scenery and pretty little towns. 

Dansk: Så er jeg tilbage fra en herlig ferie på Sardinien med kæresten; 11 dage med sol, seafood, shopping, pizza, vin, italiensk is, bøger, solnedgange og særlige øjeblikke. Mit favoritsted var den lille farverige by Bosa, men den noget større universitetsby Sassari vandt også mit hjerte. Alt i alt var mit første møde med Sardinien præget af kærlighed ved første blik, og jeg glæder mig til at videreudforske dens rå og vilde natur og fine små byer, forhåbentlig i den nærmeste fremtid.

tirsdag den 6. august 2013

From Sardinia with love

Greetings from Sardinia. We're currently sweating it up in Castelsardo, and as you can see, most of our time is spent hanging out on beautiful beaches and eating delicious food. Pizza and seafood mainly. And ice cream. When in Rome, right? It’s too hot to go sightseeing during the day, but I wouldn’t dream of complaining; I can’t think of anything better to do right now than relax and enjoy life with my love. Our hotel has its own private beach, which is located in a small bay and enclosed by rocks. In the afternoon, when it gets a little colder (and by colder I mean still extremely hot for pale Scandinavians), we visit some of the pretty little towns nearby to stroll through the old streets and eat more delicious food. Yesterday we spent an evening in Sassari, which is actually not little at all, in fact it's the second largest city in Sardinia. I immediately fell in love with the city and its lively and laid-back atmosphere, narrow streets with colorful pavements, artistic graffiti, and second-hand shops. Even more so when I spotted a Zara store in the center. I think I made a little jump of joy. It was a beautiful moment. I ended up buying only one item, while my boyfriend, who is normally not big on shopping, bought six. Typical. 

Now its time to enjoy the remains of the evening with some wine on our balcony to the sound of the singing man entertaining people through a way too loud microphone by the pool. I can't believe we only have two days left - time flies when you're having fun. In Sardinia. With your boyfriend. 

Dansk: En hilsen fra Sardinien, hvor der svedes, spises, ligges og nydes. Vi er nu i Castelsardo, og som I kan se på billederne, bruger vi meget af vores tid på at dase på pæne strande og spise lækker mad. Særligt fisk og pizza. Og is. Om eftermiddagen, når det er blevet en smule køligere, og vi har svedt ud, besøger vi nogle af de fine og hyggelige små byer i nærheden, trasker rundt i deres gamle gader og spiser mere dejlig mad. I går tilbragte vi aftenen i Sassari, som ikke er så lille en by, faktisk er den Sardiniens næststørste. Den er enormt charmerende, og jeg faldt pladask for dens livlige atnosfære, snørklede gader, farverige bygninger, og genbrugsbutikker. Min kærlighed til byen voksede markant, da jeg spottede en Zara butik. Jeg tror, jeg lavede et lille glædeshop. Det var et smukt øjeblik. Jeg endte med kun at købe en ting, hvorimod min kæreste, som normalt ikke er den store 'shopper', købte seks. Typisk. 

Nu vil jeg se at få nydt det, der er tilbage af aftenen med vin på altanen til lyden af den syngende mand, som underholder folk ved poolen gennem en mikrofon, der er skruet lidt for højt op. Jeg har svært ved at forstå, der kun er to dage tilbage af vores ferie - tiden går hurtigt, når man har det sjovt. På Sardinien. Med sin kæreste.

fredag den 2. august 2013

In the streets of Bosa

T-shirt: Envii 
Skirt: H&M (old season)
Heels: H&M (old season)
Bracelet: H&M
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Purse: Vintage

My boyfriend and I are currently in Bosa (Sardinia); the cutest and most beautiful little town with narrow streets and pastel-colored houses. We're staying at a charming and beautifully decorated B&B in the middle of the historic town center, yet just a few minutes' drive away from secluded white beaches. I'm absolutely in love with this place. Today we're heading north to Castelsardo, another little town situated on top of a small mountain. I can't wait to show you more from this breathtaking island. Until then, I'll probably be spamming with photographs on Instagram (@solastdecadeblog). Have a lovely weekend. 

Dansk: Jeg befinder mig lige nu i Bosa (Sardinien); den fineste lille by med smalle gader og pastelfarvede huse. Vi bor på en charmerende og smukt indrettet B&B midt i det historiske centrum, dog kun få minutters kørsel fra øde hvide sandstrande. Jeg er fuldstændig forelsket i den her ø og glæder mig til at vise mere herfra. Indtil da vil jeg fortsætte med at foto-spamme på Instagram (@solastdecadeblog). Hav en rar weekend.