søndag den 28. juli 2013

Packing for Sardinia

I'm a happy one today. Yesterday I finally finished my master thesis after months of very little contact with the real world, and better yet: tomorrow I'm off to Sardinia for 11 days with my boyfriend. I can't wait. You can stop by Instagram for little updates from the southern sun (@solastdecadeblog). I'm bringing my laptop, so the blog will be updated with a few Sardinian postcards too.

Since my days of thesis writing have been filled with not so fun to-do-lists to keep track of everything, I thought I'd make a vacation version, and guess what, it was a lot more fun than making the thesis versions. Here it goes: 

1. Drink red wine every day.
2. Never set the alarm but sleep until I wake up.
3. Drink at least one cappuccino per day.
4. Read a book.
5. Search the island for After Eight ice cream. And eat a lot of it.
6. Try new foods (Sardinia is famous for its cuisine)
7. Still, also remember to have a least 3 margherita pizzas.
8. Take ridiculously long showers.
9. Go snorkeling.
10. Enjoy life.

Dansk: Jeg er en glad én i dag; I går blev jeg endelig færdig med mit kandidatspeciale, og i morgen tidlig drager jeg afsted mod 11 dage på Sardinien med kæresten. Jeg kan ikke vente. Hvis I har lyst til små updates fra sydens sol, kan I kigge forbi Instagram (@solastdecadeblog). Jeg pakker den bærbare, så bloggen vil også blive opdateret med Sardinske indtryk. 

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