tirsdag den 21. maj 2013

All I want for summer - 5 item wish list

Summer is approaching (although it doesn't seem like it when I look out the window), and each year around this time I start planning which items I simply must get a hold on in time for summer. And now that my love and I have finally booked our holiday in Sardinia, Italy, I am seriously anxious to start purchasing some summer items. We're holidaying a little late this year, in august, as I'll be working on my thesis until late July, so there's still time to get shopping. Here's my 5 item wish list for this summer:
WHITE HEELS: For some reason I tend to buy either black or really colorful shoes, never white. Perhaps it's the pratical side of me saying that white shoes aren't a good idea in a country where it seems to rain all the time (do I really have such a side?!). In any case I can think of nothing prettier than white heels on tan summer feet, and for the few days of summer we do get I would love to wear one of these lovely pair from Topshop. Links: 1, 2.
HIGH-WAISTED BIKINI BOTTOM: I buy a new bikini each year, but this year I feel like trying out the high-waisted version of bikini bottoms. They look so classically feminine and would fit my shape excellently. I especially like the pair from Asos. Links: 1, 2, 3.
MAXI SKIRT: A maxi skirt is a key item in my summer wardrobe, but the ones I have are very flashy and colorful. I'm hunting for a new one in either black or a neutral color, or perhaps both. Links: 1, 2.
SHORTS SUIT: I absolutely adore shorts suits and have been wanting to get one for a for a long time. What better time to finally buy one than now when I'm counting down to 11 days in Sardinia? Links: 1, 2.
FUNNY SUNNIES: Sunglasses are of course a must, not only for summer, but on any day the sun is out. I guess I don't actually need new sunglasses, as I have a good collection already, but this year I would love to wear some funny, different ones with colorful flowers or white pearls. Links: 1, 2.

Dansk: Sommeren nærmer sig (selvom det umiddelbart ikke virker sådan, når jeg kigger ud af vinduet), og som normalt ved denne tid er jeg begyndt at planlægge, hvilke ting jeg simpelthen MÅ erhverve mig  sommergarderoben. Kæresten og jeg har netop booket vores ferie på Sardinien, så nu er der for alvor skruet op for sommerdrømmene. På toppen af min ønskeliste i år er hvide stilletter/pumps, højtaljet bikini, en maxi nederdel i sort eller en neutral farve, en shorts sæt samt et par sjove solbriller med blomster eller perler. 

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