tirsdag den 7. maj 2013

Summer, is that you?

Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Boots and sunglasses: Vintage

It's been 20 degrees and all lovely outside here i Aalborg today, and for the first time this year it almost felt like summer. Big yay! What's less yay is I had to spend most of the day inside in front of the computer, buried in books and papers (minus some much-needed frequent coffee breaks on the balcony). It's so much more difficult to focus on writing your thesis when it's all sunny and nice out. At least when it's raining you don't sit there thinking of all the fun things you could be doing outside instead of being locked up with your laptop. A bit depressing really. Still, I'd take sunny over rainy any day, thesis or no thesis. I just came back from an outside dinner followed by a long walk on the harbor with my boy. And I got to wear a skirt. Beats everything. 

Dansk: Det har været så dejligt sommerligt ude i dag, og efter at have været begravet i bøger og papirer indendørs i alt for mange timer, tog jeg her til aften kæresten i hånden og nød en gang dejlig mad efterfulgt af en lang gåtur på havnen. Det bedste. 

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