onsdag den 29. maj 2013

Life through Instagram

1. Chocolate and avocado cupcakes (recipe here) and a test of the lovely A Beautiful Mess app. 2. A pretty evening in Aalborg.

3. My coffee table looking summerish with fresh cherries and pink roses. 4. Brunchin' with mom.

5. Saturday breakfast: Banana pancakes with cinnamon + coffee. 6. True. I better enjoy the last three years. 

7. My oriental meatball dinner (recipe here). 8. The very beautiful green and summery view from my bedroom window.

9. Queen of hearts x 2; my friend and I all dressed-up for the carnival. 10. This is how our little tea party float looked after the parade.

11. New nail polish from Essie called Bahama Mama. 12. Eurovision night.

This morning, as I was about to take photos for today's post, I realized my camera was missing. After a couple of minutes of shear panic I suddenly remembered: I left it at my friend's place Saturday morning before the carnival parade (that's what you get for drinking beer at 9 in the morning). Crisis averted. But as for today's post you'll have to make do with the latest of my little everyday photographs from Instagram. Did I mention how much I love this app? It's a lot. And these days I browse through a bunch-load of Instagrams daily for my master thesis about branding in social media. Not the worst kind of data collection there is.

Dansk: Dagens indlæg skulle have været anderledes, men i morges kom jeg pludselig i tanker om, at jeg efterlod mit kamera hos min veninde i lørdags inden karneval (så kan man måske lære at lade være med at drikke øl fra kl. ni om morgenen). Derfor må I i dag nøjes med mine seneste små hverdagsfotografier fra Instagram.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sikke fine hverdagsglimt - er især vild med alt det lækre mad og solskinnet over Gammel Torv (:

    - Anne

  2. Tak Anne, er glad for du kan li' billederne :-)

    Smil, Tine