mandag den 13. maj 2013

Life through Instagram

1. The newest addition to our living room: A little Mad Men inspired bar. 2. A lunch plate with toasted rye bread with cream cheese, eggs, almonds, a salad, and strawberries for dessert. Yum.

3. The best cure for a bad hangover: A cold berry smoothie and Revenge. 4. Chicken and coco soup (recipe here)

5. My boyfriend and I might have gone a little overboard shopping from Zara. 6. These new slippers were in one of the boxes.

7. Another lunch plate, here cottage cheese, an egg, carrots, blueberries, toasted rye bread, and crisp bread with avocado. 8. A Friday night pizza (recipe here)

9. Two pretty ladies on their way out in Copenhagen. 10. Seriously delicious tapas at Café Norden in Copenhagen.

11. Broccoli- and cauliflower soup (recipe coming soon). 12. Pretty pink spring colors.

That's it for my latest doings through Instagram. I just got back from a very lovely weekend trip to Copenhagen. It was all pretty intense (the shopping, the getting ready to go out etc.), so there wasn't much time to stop and take pictures. Luckily I plan to go back very soon. Have a good first day of the week!

Dansk: Mine seneste Instagrams. Jeg fik desværre ikke taget så mange billeder på weekendens København visit, men heldigvis har jeg planer om at komme tilbage meget snart. Hav en god start på ugen!

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