mandag den 3. juni 2013

Chicken nuggets

I love all sorts of food. A lot. But if I were to give in to all my food urges, well, I'd be a lot less healthy and probably look a bit different too. It has happened before. Now whenever I discover healthier alternatives to otherwise not so healthy foods, I get kind of excited and have to test it immediately. You can take the girl out of the cake shop, but you can never take the cake shop out of the girl - or something like that. Today I expanded my low(er)-fat recipe repertoire with these chicken nuggets based on a recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Emily Salomon. Instead of breadcrumbs Emily used blended rolled oats, which I thought was a pretty brilliant idea. And what do you know, they turned out super crisp and yummy, (almost) as good as the real deal. I imagine they will make a very good hangover cure. They make a great Monday-tiredness cure, that's for certain. 

Chicken nuggets (serves 2 people). Adapted from Emily Salomon:

300 g chicken breast
2 eggs
2 dl coarsely-rolled oats
3 teaspoons paprika 
2 teaspoons celery salt
2 teaspoons of honey spice
2 teaspoons chicken spice mix if desired
Salt and pepper
Olive oil for frying

Cut the chicken breast into small 'nuggets' and blend the oats into crumbs using a good blender. Whisk the eggs together in a small bowl, and mix the blended oats with the spices in a soup plate. Turn the nuggets in the eggs, then in the oat/spice mix until they are well-covered in crumbs. Fry the nuggets in a pre-heated pan with a bit of olive oil for two minutes on each side or until they are done. Make sure to use a good non-stick pan. I served my nuggets with potatoes, boiled carrots and broccoli, and a skyr dressing with garlic, lemongrass, coriander, salt, and pepper. A classic but yummy Monday dinner.

Dansk: Jeg har lavet kyllingenuggets til aften. Jeg faldt over opskriften hos en af mine yndlingsbloggere,  Emily Salomon, som havde brugt havregryn i stedet for brødkrumme-rasp, hvilket jeg syntes, var ret så genialt. Og ved I hvad? De blev supersprøde og smagte vidunderligt. Jeg tror, de vil gøre sig godt som tømmermændsføde.

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