lørdag den 15. juni 2013

I'll be wearing espadrilles this summer


It's Saturday night, the boy is out partying, and I'm at home all by my lonesomeness working on my thesis and feeling a little sorry for myself. This post is actually a major displacement activity, as were the laundry, the cookie baking, and the tidying up of the kitchen. Some displacement acts are more interesting than others; blogging is definetely one of the fun ones, especially when there are shoes involved. I have developed a thing for espadrille flats and will absolutely be getting my hands on a pair or five to sport during the summer. If it weren't for the fact that I have just purchased a pair of Michael Kors sneakers (they are so cool, can't wait to show them to you!), I might very well be purchasing some of these espadrille cutesters right now. Best wait till next month, at least if I want to get my hands on one of the not so budget-friendly pairs (and I do). I like the flowery ones from Tory Burch and the platform ones from Zara the best. Valentino's lace version is pretty cute too.

Dansk: Dette indlæg er lidt af en overspringshandling; jeg sidder nemlig hjemme foran computeren helt alene, imens kæresten er ude og feste, arbejder på mit speciale og har en smule ondt af mig selv. Blogging er bestemt en af de sjovere overspringshandlinger, sammenlignet med f.eks vasketøj og oprydning, som jeg netop har færdiggjort, særligt når der er sko involveret. Jeg har en ting med flade espadrillos lige nu, og jeg kunne enormt godt tænke mig at bære et eller fem af ovenviste par denne sommer.

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