fredag den 21. juni 2013

Life through Instagram

1. The yummiest cheesecake. 2. Barbecue night with the girls. 

3. My new Michael Kors bag. 4. Wise words. Let's do it!

5. Flour-free coconut pancakes with berries and skyr. 6. My cute niece and I resting after a jump in a bouncy castle.

7. Flea-market madness. 8. More flea-market madness. I love this dish!

9. A date night outfit. Wearing a body from Asos. 10. Mixed fruit plate on a hot summer day.

11. The cutest elephant in the circus I went to last night. 12. Some buys from one of my favorite shops, ReUse. I took a bunch of pictures of the shop, which I will be showing next week.

13. Salmon burger. Recipe here. 14. Some very, very cool street art here in Aalborg.

And there you go; a bunch of fresh quadratic photos of my life. You can catch me on Instagram right here. Have a fabulous weekend.

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