søndag den 29. september 2013

My autumn food list

The beginning of a new season means tons of new possibilities in the kitchen. This season's fruits and veggies call for warm soups, spicy treats and cozy afternoon drinks. Here's my list of things I simply have to cook this autumn:

1. Hokaido soup
2. Plum, hazelnut and chocolate cake
3. Apple pie spiced cider
4. Basil bloody Mary
5. Butternut squash soup
6. Baked figs with caramel and pecan
7. Fresh fig and almond cake
8. Rosemary latte
9. Fresh fig and pork loin ragout 
10. Apple marmalade with vanilla and rum
11. Mixed autumn vegetable soup

I hope you'll join me in my autumn cooking adventures. Have a happy Sunday.

Dansk: Min liste over hyggelige og lunende lækkerier, jeg glæder mig til at afprøve dette efterår. Jeg håber, I vil være med! Hav en rar søndag.

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