søndag den 15. september 2013

The little things

{Delicious tuna meatballs with sesame. Recipe coming soon}

{New Essie nail polishes that I can't wait to wear this autumn}

{Beautiful graduation roses}

{All dressed up and ready for the graduation ceremony}

{Finally; proof}

{Pretty yellow flower and wine at the reception}

{My boo and I}

{Freshly-made macarons in a new Royal Copenhagen bowl. Recipe coming soon}

{Pretty Bloomingville print from a friend}

{A pre-dinner shot in the pretty streets of Aalborg}

{Chili con pollo. Recipe coming soon}

This weekend has been a busy but wonderful one. On Friday I went to my graduation ceremony with my parents and boyfriend and finally got my hands on a diploma. There was food and wine. It was good. Friday was also my boo's birthday, so I invited him out for a late dinner at a lovely new tapas restaurant, CANblau. There was more food and more wine. It was very good. Saturday morning it was off to family fun and shenanigans. We had our annual Olympic Games weekend (that's right, we spend a weekend competing in everything from high jump to wine tasting, and we're proud of it!). As you may have seen on Instagrammy team won and got to take home the winner badges, despite my messing up pretty badly with some ring throwing. Today has been prepare-for-next-week's-work-day, and now it's time to relax with some bad TV whilst recharging for a new seven days. I hope your weekend has been great too, whether eventful and hectic or peaceful and relaxed. Stay tuned for some delish recipes next week.  

Dansk: Denne weekend har været travl men rar. Jeg har været til dimission og fået mit eksamensbevis, drukket vin, fejret min kærestes fødselsdag, spist fantastisk lækre tapas på CANBlau i Aalborg og været til familliens årlige OL-weekend (ja, vi bruger en weekend på at konkurere i alt fra højdespring til vinsmagning, og vi er stolte af det!). Mit hold vandt tilmed, på trods af at jeg klokkede temmeligt meget i det, da der skulle kastes med ringe. Jeg håber, I også har haft en dejlig weekend, om den så har været hektisk eller afslappet. 

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