lørdag den 7. september 2013

Life through Instagram

1. My mom's homemade strawberry ice cream and crispy treats. 2. Snacks from leftover rye bread.

3. A day in idyllic Skagen. 4. My love on the pretty beach of Skagen

5. A green go-away-cold juice with spinach, kiwi, apple juice, peach, lemon, and linseed oil. 6. Morning oat porridge with nuts, seeds, and blueberries. 

7. Smoothie with mango, spinach, banana, almonds, and linseed oil. 8. Brunch time. 

9. My homemade tomato salsa on rye bread. 10. 6-year-old me on my first day of school. 

11. Tuna meatballs with sesame. YUM. 12. Some of the pretty flowers and lovely gifts I received after my final exam.

13. Homemade crispbread. 14. My boyfriend and I celebrating our 4 year anniversary with candy, TV, and pajama pants - that's just how we roll.

15. Baking my first macarons, with licorice and dark chocolate. 16. The result, all ready for tonight's celebrations.

A little update on my latest Instagram photos, where food as usual occupies a central role. I like food. And taking pictures of it. Now it's time to start prepping for tonight's celebrations. I'm having friends over for drinks, macarons, and loads of cake. Enjoy your weekend!

Dansk: En update fra Instagram, hvor madbilleder som sædvanligt fylder en del. Jeg kan godt li' mad. Og jeg kan godt li' at tage billeder af mad. Nu skal aftenens festligheder forberedes. Jeg får venner på besøg, og vi skal have drinks, macarons og masser af kage. Hav en rar weekend.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sikke mange lækre-lækre madbilleder - hvor er brunchen indtaget henne?

    - Anne

    1. Mange tak! Den er indtaget på Ulla Terkelsen, London, I Aalborg - den bedste :-)